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Letting Go


I stumbled upon a great article today on letting go, although it focused on work place and professional setting, it can also be associated with personal encounters. Letting go could be one of the most difficult act of all, yet could also give one the most liberating feeling of all. According to the article, there is a rationale behind the necessity of a person to let go of things not meant to be, even if one have not figured it out just yet.

My favorite letting go part and perhaps the most effective one- as it transformed my thoughts, my actions, words and everything I believed in- is giving up hopelessness. Making myself resilient and accept change freed me from over-exposure to stress. Being eaten by worries is like being engaged to someone useless. It was also emphasized in the article that we have to listen to our intuition as it will serve as our guide. Most often, our sub-conscious selves dictates us to let go, and there is a good reason for that- may be it is just not meant to be. So when in doubt about your decision of committing to someone, an event, or simply anything- give it a thought, even just for a little while.

Letting go of a person who hurts us, yes, we can also follow the same concept. It is difficult as it entails facing pain and having deep courage, but always, without fail- we always come out better if not best.

Letting go is a tedious and difficult process as we move along the path towards where our heart wants to go- so it could heal. That process is unavoidable and necessary, and sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the most unpleasant feelings such as despair, depression and alienation. Why do we need to go through this? simply because we cannot cheat on life, we cannot skip a process if we want to truly understand it.

Letting go is accepting that there are things out of our control, that there is a bigger world and that world seeks equilibrium. So what is the connection then of letting go and balance? simple, if something is not for us, it is for someone else-which also means that there is something better, right for us.






Friends despite the distance
Dance with you through the darkness
Lets you know that heavens cry
So it can freshen up
And give you the most beautiful glimpse of smile
When sun kisses its cheeks

The most wonderful gift for my birthday is this poem written from a friends heart…

Thank you debz and I love you!


The Age to Embrace


This is not the first time I grope for words, typing and deleting words and ideas as they come and go too quickly. It is not the lack of imagination that keeps a writer oblivious as if floating in an everlasting swirl and twirl of concepts and ideas, the fullness can also lock the ability of a mind to go and move around freely-my state is either or neither of both. Watching RED and seeing the veteran Hollywood actors kick some a*s is such a perfect timing as I watch my numbers embrace a new kind of high. Tomorrow is the 3rd decade of my existence. I know I am still far from being veteran, but I do not want to wait that much to kick some a*s. It has been a great ride- bumpy, dizzying and exhilarating-every time I glimpse a few seconds to see where I have been and how I made it through-I feel more than just proud. I feel happy. Happy could be most of the time overrated but it is what it always is, Joy and Simple Pleasure. I cannot believe what those ahead of me always say is true. You may seek for it from thousands and millions of reasons, however, it constantly and unfailingly boils down to one simple universal truth. Happiness is what we make it-and what we already have. As I walk slowly towards a new era, I hope to reach another decade or so. Life has never faltered to amaze me with its mysteries and beauty despite the ugly truth and sad reality that around the world there are still people who would rather kiss evil than give love.
Love. People spend a lifetime looking for definitions but so far one of my favorite writer defined it the best. Love simply is. One is loved because one is loved. Manifestations may vary but still it is love. Some say they kill because they love isn’t true-obsession does but not love. When one opt to hurt or cause hurt, one is not loving.
Needless to say, for me to write about love on the day before my birthday is futile If my sole purpose is to lecture how one should love. I sit here in a room that I share with my husband and daughter and feel almost perfectly perfect. Yes, I talk of love because right now, I am surrounded by it. I am one step closer and will always be one step closer to that almost perfect moment, I thank the people who shared with me those almost perfect memories. I shall continue it enjoy it to the last core.
As my favorite Rihanna song goes “Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I drink to that!”

Happy Birthday to me!