A woman’s life is a mixture of all colors, not lined up like a rainbow. One color at a time, a mixture of two or three, sometimes all primary or secondary, at very few instances-All of it. A woman unlike all other human beings possess in itself alone the ability to facilitate harmony or chaos, and I think this is because they are the only ones who can be tough and gentle when necessary.

I thought of writing this article for the benefit of my own memory to read and remember in the future that today my life turned topsy-turvy in an evolution kind of way. And that today, I finally decided without any dire of hesitation on what I should be doing. I know I should have made this decision and not wait for my glow of happiness to fade, but as they say, there is always time for…

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About monalisachong

Embracing the changes can be scary, however, acceptance is the only way we can move on... That is me, i want to be resilient and always happy! and it all starts from wanting and believing that everything falls into place... :)

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