Filipinos Should Stop Making All-Crying Teleseryes


Why Filipino Teleseryes are bad influence? Because they teach people to always expect that heroes have to cry all the time, struggle a lot, be dumb and ignorant for them to be victorious. They communicate to their viewers that suffering is imperative in life and that evil doers are your family members who wants to get hold of what should be yours. You have to eat dirt first and and have all the bad luck in the world. It is very sad and annoying and very outdated. I have seen its ill effect, the grandparents in the house watches them 24/7 and they fight each other and think that the other is plotting some evil plan to make the other miserable. There is enough misery in this world to fill in the hole of our Ozone Layer for heaven’s sake! I just wish they would stop trying to flood the television with all those tears. For once, they should make something that looks intelligently entertaining like the “Imortal”, not that very good but at least it bore substance. Stop the melodrama, it’s not fun to delve into despair.

This is what you get out of boring household conversation and of all-day television watching by the oldies. I hope they would find a better way of waiting for the days and nights to unfold. Something that would have make themselves and others happy.

Just a thought.


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  1. I agree with you 1000%. I’m not proud to say that Filipino script writers have very low imagination and/or creativity. The ideas are the same on all these teleseryes. I wish they’d think out of the box for once and see that there’s more to teleseryes than crying and fighting all the time.

    Even those series whose theme is not of the typical types (dancing, magical, super heroes , etc…), sooner or later they’re still going to start crying. I’m sick of it!

  2. Filipino’s tv series n movies cannot stop making all crying tv series, without it Filipinos will go into shock because they hv been inundated with all these unintelligent, stupid, lame n senseless tv series for so long that their brains has been fried, dried n numb. Majority of d Filipinos becoming more focus on d drama rather than 2 their obligations. Sometimes ppl will stay late at night just 2 watch n finish d drama n will C d next episodes. W d same old theme n low quality stories it also indicated that viewers who r patronizing will hv a low quality of thinking n cud adopt in their activities of daily living. Sometimes Filipinos even adopt it in reality like 4 example d last May 2013 Elections, since most of d viewers will root 4 d underdog bcuz they can relate with that character.

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