Losing Bill


The tears my eyes have fallen will never bring his life back nor will it make a difference to the wasted years I’ve spent getting busy and not having the time to communicate as often as needed. My journey with Bill was one of the most fun, exciting and eye-opening days of my existence. We practically tried almost anything and be anything we liked. I just could not believe that I will be writing this when he can no longer read this here on earth.

Living with Bill is like living with multiple persons. He can fill in a room with just himself- with laughter and more. It was Bill who taught me to live life as you go. Eat well, eat good food, look good and be happy. He is an epitome of positiveness and beautiful aura. When he is around you, you feel like you can do everything and he always get away with it too.

Bill has always loved meeting people and seeks new adventures and learning, which is why when he said he wants to go to Bangkok to teach, I thought he surely is making steps towards what he wanted to do. Eventually he came back home but moved to Manila and worked there. Bill will always miss Cebu, he made a great impact to his friends here and I cannot imagine the number of people who misses him and will always miss him. There was even one point when he cannot meet me because he was fully booked when he came here- and I regretted that I failed to insist-now I would never get his hugs and hear his laughs again.

I will never forget the day you promised to come home and see us. Mars and I were waiting for you Coi, to eat at Pizza Hut with all the cheeses and the Lemonade. Your existence in my life is more than just the pictures that reminds me of you.

I am never gonna say goodbye to you. I know we’ll see each other soon. You’ve always been happy so I don’t worry about that wherever you are. The people you’ve left behind will stay strong for the little person that matters to you most. Badi will be a reminder that you gave us more than just love, the will to live life to the fullest!

I will always love you my Billicoi.




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