Of Snatchers and Snatching


My phone got snatched at a Street called Mango Avenue last Valentine’s Day, it was supposed to be a sad experience but it turned out annoying and funny. The vendors at my back were mad at me because I did not shout and scream for help when they could have intercepted the thief and take my phone back. First off, when you are not a scandalous and a screamer you would not be able to do such move when someone you do not know suddenly grab something from you in the middle of a busy street. Second, if they did that and something bad happened to them- how do they think I’d feel? I appreciated their concern but it was too overkill.

I tried retracing my thoughts that day because I was sure that that scene crossed my mind minutes before it happened. The only thing that scared me after the experience was that my husband would be mad at me for using my phone out in the open, oh, he hated every time I’d do that. He always tell me how loose and careless I am and that I never take care of my stuff. Of course, in my head I’d say I do, however, I knew that at some point my husband was right. This is not the first time that I lost something or that something was taken from me and I say, life is a cycle. I have relatives who are in the snatching business as well, in which I have difficulty changing and stopping. They live in an impoverish place and they think that being poor gives them all the right and excuse to do illegal things. Who am I to judge? we have so many rich people in this country who are thieves and yet they are in the lifestyle section of a newspaper and or magazine wearing the most expensive whatsoever that money can buy.

I told the vendors and the people who started circling around the scene that night how I appreciated their concern, but talking loudly about it is not going to change anything that happened in seconds and besides, it was my phone and not theirs. What was the fuss all about? It could be worst, and I was thankful and still thankful that nothing harmful happened to me or to any bystanders. I just pray that the person who took it really needed it and that he could find a good back cover and a good battery since the two fell after it bounced. Thieves nowadays do not really have sensible objectives anymore. As I can remember in the past, those who steal were the ones who do not need it for themselves but for their love ones. At present time, thieves steal because it has become the fad and the “in thing” to do. I have been around thieves for sometime and I have seen such difference as years roll. Today, I see their faces, they do not have characters of a good “bad person” at all. Just giving my 2 cents here, and it is such a funny but sad thought. The snatching business is becoming the most annoying occurrence in streets today because I know they are for selfish reasons.

And so, I messaged my sister who I have not spoken in months and asked for a new phone.



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