Sane Mind


I find February Week 2  a very interesting week at work. I spent most of my days ranting about some people who just cannot help being themselves and are not aware (maybe and hopefully) of their actions. Office politics sometimes gets in the nerves of you, and I realized that it isn’t the Politics that ticks me off-there are just people who may, one way or the other, be unaware of the consequences of their actions. I ended up back biting! :))  It ain’t good but it’s fun! I can’t really help it sometimes.

The other very interesting phenomenon happened when one bitter person, who got kicked out turned sour and all bitter, posted nasty comments of the major players in the office, I was even amazed that the person did include me- hah! I am now infamous. The words he/she/it used were really below the belt. I found it funny, however to some extent rude. It stirred other people’s curiosity and as always-these topics spread like wildfire. They called it a scandal-and you need not say anything anymore-that word alone draws more than attention.

Never has someone say nasty things like that about me-in my single years and now that I am married-I just thought, really? I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I was bothered for a good 15 minutes too.

Right now, my focus is more on the hater. I am more particular on the person who posted it,  I wondered how in the world did he/she thought of targeting a handful of people-who in fact-I think has nothing to do with anything. That person may really be hurt. What makes someone feel too much angst towards a Company? to the extent of creating a pseudo-name and harass others. I have my theories too, maybe that person was kicked out because of bad behavior. But people who knows they did bad will not retaliate like that-or may be he thought he was really that good. Maybe, that person was in-love with some executive and got rejected, but why target the whole organization? Out of the few clues I have in mind, one thing is for sure-that person is sick in the brain.

And Companies big or small will always have these type of people. It’s hard for a Human Resource practitioner to see the deepest thoughts of every human person employed in the company. Hmmm… Most of the time, psychologically stable people looks sane. I look sane! lol!

I am counting the steps towards more hater, we are getting bigger and we are also dealing with more complicated personalities. My morning prayers will always be:

                             Lord God, give me a just and objective heart…

                             That I might see sincerity in the eyes of the many most especially the troubled ones…

                             Give me the strength to battle negative thoughts…

                              so that I can share the positive side of life…


Happy Sunday Everyone!



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